5 Benefits of a Backyard Pond

/5 Benefits of a Backyard Pond

“Why Get a Backyard Pond?”

So here’s the big question! “Why should you have a koi pond in your yard?”  Why get one? Well, whether you know something about ponds or have no knowledge at all, here are some of the benefits you will have with a low-maintenance pond.

Waterfall with fish

#1 – Impact in a Yard  

Having a pond in your yard will bring excitement and character. Most ponds have a waterfall or stream as the main focus.  That element becomes the focal point for everyone who enters the yard.  The pond will establish itself and change with the seasons and in time become more and more beautiful!  The sounds of the water and nature will help drown out undesired background noises and give you the sense that you are in a garden oasis, not just in any backyard. 

#2 – Create a Lifestyle

Do you spend a lot of time up-keeping your yard?  Or does your lawn just exist for you to mow it again and again?  Transforming that dull grassy plain into an exciting ecosystem will completely change you!  An ecosystem will draw you into it and invite you out for exploration.  It will create a lifestyle for you that you never knew existed.
Blurred Scerenity
Whether it’s tinkering around in your pond or just enjoying its scenery, it will give you a reason to be outside.  You will wake up in the morning grab your cup of coffee and go see the pond.  If you don’t drink coffee then you’ll grab a water.  Either one you will enjoy getting out into your yard.

The same goes when you return home in the evening. You will want to go enjoy the beauty as you unwind from the day.

#3 – Bring Nature into Your Yard

Having a pond brings nature up close and personal right into your yard.  Add fish and get mesmerized as they swim back and forth.  Frogs will find it.  Dragonflies will too.  Different colored birds will splash in the waters


As every pond is different the nature is different from pond to pond too.  Add water to your yard and they will come!

#4 – Introduce a Learning Tool for You and Your Children

 If you have children it can be the greatest gift you can give them.  Adding a backyard pond has huge benefits for young kids.


Most kids today can’t find a reason to get off the couch and get outside.  A pond in the yard will entertain them for years.  It will give them a reason to be outside.  It will be endless exploration.  They will learn all about ecosystems and nature.  They will record and photograph the plants and animals they find.  They’ll talk about it, tell their friends, and even base their school projects on some of the things the pond has to offer.  Their appreciation for nature will grow and the lifestyle will be created for them as well as you.

#5 – Advanced gardening (aquatic plants) 

Take your gardening to a different level with aquatic plants.  In no time at all you will be hooked!  Hardy aquatic plants begin to grow in the spring, become magnificent in the summertime, and then fade off in the fall only to repeat the cycle year after year.  Aquatic plants are fascinating and there are so many varieties and colors to enjoy.  There are even Tropical aquatic plants which will add an entirely new dimension to your aquatic gardening.

Start your Pond Journey with Premier Ponds

The water gardening lifestyle is one for everybody to enjoy.  It starts with a pond.  If fish and plants just aren’t for you or children’s safety is a main concern then a pondless waterfall may be the perfect water feature that’s for your needs.

Furthermore if space is a factor you may also be better served by a pondless waterfall or a bubbling fountain.  Either way there are many choices out there!  Call Premier Ponds today at (301) 821-7777 to discuss yours.  Premier ponds is the pond and waterfall contractor of Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

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